Who Else Wants Instant Traffic? Seems like kind of a dumb question right? Only anyone who has a website or a business or hopefully both.

You may need to increase your traffic immediately in order to launch a new product or an offer or or simply to implement your viral marketing. Well here are 3 ways to do that, and I will explain them now. You can: 1. Buy targeted traffic to your site, 2. email to your list, or 3. develop Joint Ventures (JV’s).

PPC Ads Are Instant Traffic

To buy fast and immediate traffic, you will need to go to google or one of the other alternatives like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or Pinterest. And you’ll need to buy traffic. The good news. This is an instant traffic source, especially if you’re new and don’t have a lot of customers yet. Bad news. It’ll cost you.

You’ll want to know how to use google adwords first. There are some excellent ebooks on this subject, that will save you a lot of money, and avoid adwords jail.

That type of advertising is called Pay Per Click advertising. You will set a daily budget for your campaign, and you will only pay when some one clicks on your link. You will be able to see your ad on the right table of the page, when you search for specific keywords.

A word of warning about buying traffic. If you don’t have your back end marketing strategy and sequences set up, you will waste a lot of money. Instant traffic is great if we can persuade it to drive by our same great offer a lot more than once.

That’s exactly what we do here at Empower Group. We help businesses build back end follow up systems that keep reaching out to one time visitor until they are ready to buy.

Your Email List is Cash In The Bank

The second way to create instant traffic is to email your list. Again good news and bad news here. If you don’t have a list, this isn’t going to work well. But don’t let that stop you from building your list. NOW! And you can use methods one and two to start building your list quick.

Don’t think that you can’t profit from this until you’ve 10,000 plus people on your list either. In fact, I can guarantee that if you’ve got more than 10,000 on your list, most of them aren’t very qualified. When you build follow up systems that include qualifiers, you’ll be able to generate instant traffic that is more likely to buy.

Who are the best people to have on your email list? People that have already made a purchase from you of course. You should have a carefully planned strategy that automates your outreach to past customers. Let them know how to get the most from their purchase. And don’t be afraid to inform them of new deals you’ve got going.

Joint Venture With Other Businesses

The last tip for instant traffic is to Joint Venture with businesses that work with your target audience.

Jay Abraham, a master of marketing strategy for small and medium businesses, defines joint venturing. “Joint venturing is a concept where you go out and find other businesses who are complementary in nature and have access to assets in which you can partner with them to come up with highly profitable win-win business deals. Often you can do it without the use of capital.”

Watch the video below to learn from the master himself:

What’s in it for your Joint Venture partner? Well, lot’s of things. For one, you could agree to split profits from any sales that you make to their clients. Another thing to consider is that those companies need to nurture their clients too. If you’ve got some great information that can help them, it’s worth it to share your ideas or offers.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’ve been in business a while. You can create instant traffic for your website if you’re willing to get creative, spend a little money, or invest a lot of time in learning to do it all yourself. Not matter what you do, make sure that your back end follow up systems are ready to make all your marketing efforts trackable and effective.

Jim Brown is a 25 year veteran of Sales and Marketing. Not only has he been a dedicated student of the craft over that time. He’s also been fortunate to be in the trenches, making mistakes, testing, learning and putting best practices to work. Put his experience and expertise to work for you and your organization. Call or text at 844-433-5032, email [email protected] or visit www.empowergroup.ca for more information.