Traffic — And lots of it! It is the dream of every entrepreneur with a website. Whether you like it or not you need to know basic techniques to generate traffic from search engines. After all, without steady stream of visitors — or should I say “potential customers” to your web site, how will you earn your fortune?

The first place most start-ups go when they need a quick traffic fix is the search engines. And rightfully so! A top ranking position on a major search engine is an effective way to increase the traffic to your web site. Make sure that your site is as Google friendly as you can make it.

How Prospects Find You?

Statistics have repeatedly shown that anywhere from 20% to 80% of your visitors will find your web site via a search engine. Nobody uses the yellow pages anymore. You should also know that most web surfers never search beyond the top 30 results they receive. With that in mind, it is clear that you need to know the techniques needed to generate traffic from search engines.

But top spots are no longer achieved by crossing your fingers and blindly submitting your web site to 900+ search engines and directories using a free submission service. Competition for top spots is getting fierce, so it is important that you learn the “right” techniques if you want to ensure that your web site is well ranked… and it is very important that you do so while this great advertising medium is still FREE!

As I said before; for high traffic generation to your website, it is very important that your web site ranks in the top spot. You may ask “What are the search engine looking for when they rank my web site?” Well, each search engine uses a different set of algorithms to rank web sites. And they also change them all the time. However, here are some of the main factors currently being considered by the search engines.

Link Popularity

Alta Vista, Excite, Lycos, and the web pages search promotion of Yahoo! use a ranking system that involves measuring and ranking the number of links that are directed towards a particular web site. This is an extremely powerful traffic generation tools because:

  • Building a well thought-out linking strategy is a powerful way to attract large volumes of high targeted traffic! By putting your web site on every major web “intersection” where your target market meets, you will ensure that your web site receives a steady flow of qualified potential customers.
  • Links are equivalent to recommendations! For example, David arrives at his favorite web site and notices that they have posted a link to your web site. He clicks through the link to your web site and is immediately open to offers you present him with. Why? Because your credibility was established before he even arrived at your homepage.
  • Since many search engines now factor link popularity into their ranking decisions, your linking strategies are all that much more important. If you want to be ranked as high as possible in search engine results, pay attention to your links.

Obviously, developing a linking strategy that generates a high volume of targeted traffic to your web site is not an overnight process. It will take you anywhere from two weeks to six months to secure quality links you need. Your perseverance will pay big dividends in the form of a continuous flow of targeted traffic generation.

Your Domain Name

A domain name plays a vital role in traffic generation to any web site. Domain names rich in keywords will rank higher in search engines because search engines love URL’s that are built with a strategy in mind. It shows that you’re trying to help your customer find the information they want. And it helps the search engine deliver a better user experience as well.

Brainstorm keywords and key phrases for your web site and then use them to create a catchy URL. Make sure that you’re balancing the use of keywords as well as ease of use. You really don’t want a domain name that’s a paragraph long.

Key Word Density

Keywords definitely refer to the number of times your keyword appears throughout your site. Your keyword density is a factor that is heavily weighted by search engines, so it’s very important to make strategic use of your keywords.

So, these are the golden facts and tactics through which you can drive high traffic to your web site. I should also mention that you do not expect to enter a couple of your top keywords into the search engines and instantly start making money through your web site— that is very rare. But yes, you can really make high traffic through search engines without crossing the line into “keyword stuffing” and with a little time. Just start practicing and you’ll be able to generate traffic from search engines before you know it.

Jim Brown is a 25 year veteran of Sales and Marketing. Not only has he been a dedicated student of the craft over that time. He’s also been fortunate to be in the trenches, making mistakes, testing, learning and putting best practices to work. Put his experience and expertise to work for you and your organization. Call or text at 844-433-5032, email [email protected] or visit for more information.