Communication Strategies That Will Grow Your Business

It’s Not Your Customers Job To Remember Who You Are, It’s Your Job To Remind Them Who You Are!

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Communication Is Everything! To Streamline Your Work and Increase Revenue You Need To Communicate Flawlessly With Prospects & Customers.

But There’s a Problem…

  • Setting up a marketing and follow-up sequence is time consuming and tedious, and you already don’t have enough time in the day.
  • Writing emails or text messages and putting them into a follow-up sequence may not be your strong suite.
  • You think that all of the best marketing automation tools are way outside of your budget.
  • You tried sending out a newsletter and nobody really responded, you’re worried that too many messages from you will turn off customers.

Is Your Landline Text Eligible?

You have customers and prospects trying to text your landline right now. Every day 150 million customers try to text a business landline. Don’t miss out. Test your landline below:

Solutions That Benefit You

Sell More Now!

Would you like to get more sales right away? Our Sales BOOST program allows you to use the power of your customer list to re-activate past or forgotten customers for more sales, Now. Remember it’s not your customers job to remember you, it’s your job to remember your customer. Sales BOOST will help you do it.

Fix Your Follow-Up

Not following up with your leads, prospects, and customers in a systematic (& Automated) way is a leaky bucket draining profits from your business. Book a consult and talk strategy that will help you plug those leaks and keep those profits for yourself.

Improve Communication & Customer Service

Everyday 150 million people send text messages to business landlines. Why? Because they’re hoping they can text you instead of calling you. You’ve got customers who wanted to talk to you but couldn’t because a phone call is too intimidating. Is your business text friendly? We can help you add this important communication strategy.

Pandemic Proof Your Orders & Sales

In a Covid world, customers want and expect contactless ways to order and pay for the goods and services you offer. We have the know how and the technology to help you develop professional & effective contactless solutions for your business. And you’ll be building your customer list in a more strategic way, so future business disruptions are easier to overcome.

Eliminate One & Done Customers

Attracting a brand new client is expensive, and hard work. If that brand new lead only buys from you once, that may actually cost you money. We help businesses like yours set up VIP clubs that help you follow up in fun and expected ways with your new customer. So they keep coming back for more, highly recomended for any businesses using Groupon or other deal type advertising strategies.

Make Stronger Offers & Loyalty Programs

Coupons and loyalty card programs have been around forever. Why? Because they work, especially if you are making a strong offer that is easy to redeem and take advantage of. We’ve figured out how to do digital coupon and loyalty programs right. This will help you make stronger more convenient offers and save time and money for you.

How to Get Started

Book a Consult

The first step is too book a no-obligation consultation with Jim for a Marketing Strategy Assessment.

Complete Assessment

The Marketing Strategy Assessment helps you identify holes in your Customer Communication.

Improve Communication

After the assessment you will have options to improve your communication in ways that build your business.

Why Automated Marketing Sequences Work!

At Empower Group I’m committed to helping business owners make the most of every dime they spend on advertising. That means helping you build the kind of flawless follow up sequences that will transform your business. How can I make that kind of claim?

Because my follow up sequences will ensure that you are developing marketing intelligence that will gently follow up and help more of your prospects become buyers. You’ll be able to create personalized and targeted campaigns that speak to interests and build better relationships. And you’ll be able to measure everything that I do for you. When is the last time any marketing consultant did that for you?

Our Automated Marketing sequences are not something new and unproven. They have been used for years by huge corporations and agencies. I’ve figured out how to make them work for small and medium sized businesses like yours.

So, stop wasting time. Book a consultation with Jim Brown right now, and learn how you can start following up to greater fortunes in your business now.