Flawless Follow-up Marketing

Create Marketing Sequences That Follow-Up New Leads, Engage Active Customers, And Reactivate Dormant Clients. 

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Have You Been Frustrated by Marketing Consultants who:

  • Offer the latest silver bullet advertising program, but can’t measure your results?
  • Make big promises but can’t or won’t deliver?
  • Promise to deliver you new leads but forget to set up a solid back-end strategy that follows up those leads and keeps engaging customers to buy more often?
  • Offer shiny object marketing tactics without a solid strategy that will help you keep making sales over and over.

Why Marketing Automation?

Stop Doing Whack-a-Mole Markting

My definition of whack-a-Mole advertising is to spend money on advertising and marketing programs without putting your back-end follow up system in place first. You might have a great radio ad, or ppc ad that delivers leads but… The simple truth is that only 3-5% of the people seeing your ad are Ready, Willing, and Able (RWA) to buy from you right now. You might be able to whack a few of those moles but what about the ones who need some time? Our LEAC Proof Funnel system helps you knock down everyone who is RWA, and execute flawless follow-up to convert more of your prospects into active customers.

Solutions That Benefit You

Sales CPR

The most powerful Past Customer Reactivation Program with Proven Success creating Incremental Revenue for businesses of all types and sizes. If you’ve sold to customers in the past and kept their contact info, we’ll help you boost your bottom line fast.

MVP Squared

Lead with your back end by setting up a Minimum Viable Prospecting Process (MVP2) that automatically follows up with each and every prospect you meet. Author Drayton Bird says that 88% of businesses quit following up too soon. Many, never follow up at all.

VIP Clubs

Also known as the Revenue Per Customer Booster Funnel. It’s expensive to get new customers. And if they only buy once, they’re costing you money. VIP Clubs or Buyer’s clubs are an inexpensive way to boost the lifetime value of that new customer.

Online Presence

Much like your physical location, your online presence is important to get right. No one wants to buy somewhere that looks a little rough, or deserted. Does your online presence make your business look like it’s not quite right. You can’t have that in a post Covid-19 world.

Web Site Development

How’s your website performing for your business? If it’s not getting your phone to ring then maybe it’s time for an overhaul. Don’t have a website yet? We won’t judge, but we can help you make your digital storefron the best it can be. Learn more about how we do it.

Text Enable Your Business

Everyday 150 million people send text messages to business landlines. Why? Because they’re hoping they can text you instead of calling you. Is your business text friendly? We can help you add this important communication strategy.


Coupons and loyalty card programs have been around forever. Because they work. At Empower Group we’ve figured out how to do digital coupons and loyalty programs that help you sell more and build that all important list that you can market to forever.

List Building Strategy

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s the value of your customer list. Wait, you aren’t building list of customer contacts that you can follow up with easily? Let’s sit down and talk about how to do this for your business.

How to Get Started

Book a Consult

The first step to getting started on your Flawless Follow Up sequence is to book a consultation with Jim. 

Complete Assessment

As a part of your consultation with Jim, you’ll complete our detailed Marketing Systems Assessment. 

Create Sequences

After a thorough assessment, I’ll start creating sequences that will get you winning the marketing battle.

Why Automated Marketing Sequences Work!

At Empower Group I’m committed to helping business owners make the most of every dime they spend on advertising. That means helping you build the kind of flawless follow up sequences that will transform your business. How can I make that kind of claim?

Because my follow up sequences will ensure that you are developing marketing intelligence that will gently follow up and help more of your prospects become buyers. You’ll be able to create personalized and targeted campaigns that speak to interests and build better relationships. And you’ll be able to measure everything that I do for you. When is the last time any marketing consultant did that for you?

Our Automated Marketing sequences are not something new and unproven. They have been used for years by huge corporations and agencies. I’ve figured out how to make them work for small and medium sized businesses like yours.

So, stop wasting time. Book a consultation with Jim Brown right now, and learn how you can start following up to greater fortunes in your business now.