Jim Brown believes that the world needs better leaders.  He knows that a cohesive and skilled leadership team is the ultimate competitive advantage for you.  Great leaders attract great talent, they engage employees at a high level, and that leads to more productivity, creativity, and loyalty.

Jim is most concerned with helping his clients avoid wasting their development and team building investments.  Though leadership and team development can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make, they can also end up being a waste of time and resources.

Leadership development can’t be accomplished over a weekend or in a one-day seminar.  It is accomplished by adding new knowledge, and then working very hard to turn that new knowledge into skill and deeply ingrained habits.

To that end, Jim uses his experience and expertise as an adult educator, trainer, and coach to develop complete programs around world class training materials and assessments that ensure a transformational experience.

He is an experienced facilitator of The Leadership Challenge Workshop and Leadership Practices Inventory 360 survey, and has developed a unique full year practice and reinforcement program around this material, which produces great changes in leadership competency.

He seeks to help organizations achieve true health by first developing cohesive leadership teams, creating organizational clarity, over-communicating that clarity to employees, and reinforcing clarity through well designed human systems.

“What I do means a lot to me,” he concludes.  “Because I know what a difference compassionate, skilled leaders make to their people, and to their community.”